Professional beta and proofreading

I am a professional editor who specialises in providing proofreading and beta reading services. Working directly with authors – whether traditional or independent – I help ensure that your work is in the best shape possible before you take the next step, whatever that may be.

With training from the Publishing Training Centre as well as an MA in Publishing, I am not just an average person with a ‘sharp eye’. I also I have a first-class honours degree in Creative Writing, which puts me in a position to understand not only the nuts and bolts of storytelling but also the vulnerability of the author sharing their work, possibly for the first time. I know how scary it can be because I’ve been there!



The list of individual tasks a proofreader performs is long but generally boils down to fixing mistakes (typos, misplaced commas etc.) and ensuring that the text is clear and consistent (in terms of meaning, spelling, formatting and more). A proofreader should never suggest substantial changes or attempt to interfere with an author’s personal style. This happens much earlier in the process and is the remit of line and structural editors.

Price: £4–£9 per 1000 words.


Beta reading

In addition to my main vocation of proofreading, I offer a professional beta reading service. This is where I take a broader view of your work, looking at aspects like plot, characters and theme as well as any specific concerns you might have. Though I call this service ‘beta reading’, I like to think of it as a combination of that and a ‘proper’ manuscript critique, bringing you the best of both worlds: the affordability and reader passion of a beta reader coupled with the vocabulary, training and professionalism of a structural editor.

Price: £0.75–£1.00 per 1000 words.

A discount is available to those who require both beta reading and proofreading for the same project (need not be booked simultaneously).